Guest Post: Self Love in 6 Days by Amanda Rae

We’ve all been there at some point. That space where you feel so alone and disconnected from your loved ones that you can just barely make it through the day. You can’t stop thinking about how tired you are, or how good it would be to take a little nap.  It can be difficult to peel yourself out of bed in the morning, even after you’ve pressed the “snooze” button at least twice.

You hold back the tears when you see your significant other, knowing that you just can’t express your deepest sorrows. You wish you felt more feminine, soft, and gentle. You crave to feel the love of your friends and family within your soul. You’re tired of the days of shrugging off the compliments and praise.

You’re ready to feel. You’re ready to connect. You’re ready to unleash your inner goddess.

When we are not feeling connected with ourselves, it is impossible to connect with others. In order to share love with our friends and family, we have to make it a consistent practice to show love to ourselves. However, when life leaves you stressed and overwhelmed, it becomes far too easy to lose that intimate space of love and acceptance within ourselves. We begin to blame ourselves and beat ourselves up. However, this only makes things worse. The further we step out of love with oursleves, the less likely we are to be able to experience the love and joy in our life.

The following is  a simple process you can use whenever you need to amp up your self-love. It will help you unleash your love, feel loved, and truly connect with your friends and family.  This is a process that is most effective if repeated in consecutive days.

The Luxury Bath

What you need:

  • 6 roses – 2 red, 2 pink, and 2 white
  • A candle that calls to you (something pretty or with a beautiful fragrance)
  • Your favorite tea

It’s important that these items are purchased new, specifically for this purpose.

The Steps:

Day One:

  1.  Make yourself a hot cup of your favourite tea.
  2. Draw yourself a hot bath with one cup of Epsom salts (bubble bath optional).
  3. Light your candle, put the petals of ONE of the red roses into the bath while it’s filling
  4. Relax in the bath while you drink your tea and allow yourself to play with the rose petals
  5. Place the rose petals one by one over your heart
  6. Take 11 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth
  7. Sink into the bath and allow the rose petals to float on.

Day Two:  Repeat this process above, using the other red rose

Day Three: Use one Pink rose for your Luxury Bath

Day Four:  You guessed it. Use that other pink rose

Day Five: Surprise! Use one white rose

Day Six:  Use your single last white rose for your Luxury Bath

Want to power up the practice? Add a Rose Quartz crystal into the bath or Therapeutic Grade essential oils (such as doTERRA’s Balance, geranium, Lavender, or serenity) to your wrists.

This self care ritual will revolutionize your entire life. Allowing you to feel centred, connected,  and full of love. Please allow yourself to experiment with the Luxury Bath! Add varying flowers, crystals, essential oils, or music. Allow yourself the pleasure of taking a luxury bath every week and notice how grateful you feel.

How do you reconnect with yourself when you are feeling lonely or unloved? Comment below and share your favorite self-love rituals.


lAmanda Rae is an Intuitive Energy Coach. She was born, raised, and currently lives in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband and two children. She helps women balance their energy so that they can unpack their emotional baggage. By helping women move into the energy of manifestation and bliss, she opens the doors to truly living the dream.  Learn more about her work by visiting or find her on Facebook.


Soul Practice: Identifying What You Really Want

Do you know what you want?
I mean, what you really, REALLY want?
When I ask most people this question, they give me that “is this chick for real?” smirk. Shouldn’t it be obvious?
I usually hear the same things rattled off time and again… More money. Time. Freedom. World peace.
You get the hint.
But when I ask WHY do they want those things, I’m often met with blank stares.
I mean, doesn’t everyone want money, love, peace, and happiness?

Of course, it is the human nature to want these things. However, your experience is unique! What would you do if you had all the money in the world? How would you spend your days without the constraint of time? What does it look like to be free?

These are answers that only WE can answer.  That’s where the inner voice comes in!

Listening to your inner voice is the first step to getting clear on your goals. However, with the oh-so-craziness of life, our true desires often get drowned out by the wants and needs of our family, friends, and even, society.
This practice is designed to give you a clarity “reset” by taking some time to get acquainted with the wants of your heart. Find a quiet place, a pen and some paper, get comfy and be prepared to listen up!
Here’s What You Need:
  1. Journal (preferable) or paper
  2. Pen, pencil, or your favorite writing utensil
  3. A quiet, comfy space
  4. A timer
The Practice:
  1. At the top of the paper write the question “Is this what I really want?”
  2. Close your eyes and take three, deep, cleansing breaths.
  3. Open your eyes and write for 10 minutes. Write about the wonderful things you have in your life. Write about all the things you may have wanted. Include things you let go of because they seemed to difficult.
  4. Let yourself write about what you really, really, want.
  5. Allow your thoughts to flow freeely. Don’t edit anything. If you have always envisioned yourself as a performer, but haven’t sang outside of Karaoke night, don’t worry, just write it down! Whatever the inner critic voice inside your head might be saying, acknowledge and surrender to it. Then, keep writing. The voice will fade away and you will be left giving life to your dreams.
  6. Once the timer goes off and you’re finished, re-read what you wrote.
  7. Reflect:  How did it feel? Did anything surprising show up on the page? Did you feel hopeless that you’ll never get what you really want? Or did you feel excited rediscovering something you lost? It doesn’t really matter. Accept your emotions and remember that anything that comes up can be worked out.
Writing about what you really want will automatically attract circumstances that can arrange for those exact things to happen. That is why, to manifest the life you want to lead, you must tap into your inner voice and be crystal clear.
If it was difficult for you to write, don’t worry! Clarifying your vision comes from practice. By consistently checking in with your inner voice, you will gain more clarity, and your vision will shift and develop into what you truly desire. Your vision may even change dramatically over time, so it is a good idea to consistently recreate and revise your vision in your journal. If you do so, it will always reflect what you want to attract.  Look inward frequently to ensure that the work you are doing and the life you are living, every day, reflects your greatest vision for your most authentic self.