Soul Practice: Identifying What You Really Want

Do you know what you want?
I mean, what you really, REALLY want?
When I ask most people this question, they give me that “is this chick for real?” smirk. Shouldn’t it be obvious?
I usually hear the same things rattled off time and again… More money. Time. Freedom. World peace.
You get the hint.
But when I ask WHY do they want those things, I’m often met with blank stares.
I mean, doesn’t everyone want money, love, peace, and happiness?

Of course, it is the human nature to want these things. However, your experience is unique! What would you do if you had all the money in the world? How would you spend your days without the constraint of time? What does it look like to be free?

These are answers that only WE can answer.  That’s where the inner voice comes in!

Listening to your inner voice is the first step to getting clear on your goals. However, with the oh-so-craziness of life, our true desires often get drowned out by the wants and needs of our family, friends, and even, society.
This practice is designed to give you a clarity “reset” by taking some time to get acquainted with the wants of your heart. Find a quiet place, a pen and some paper, get comfy and be prepared to listen up!
Here’s What You Need:
  1. Journal (preferable) or paper
  2. Pen, pencil, or your favorite writing utensil
  3. A quiet, comfy space
  4. A timer
The Practice:
  1. At the top of the paper write the question “Is this what I really want?”
  2. Close your eyes and take three, deep, cleansing breaths.
  3. Open your eyes and write for 10 minutes. Write about the wonderful things you have in your life. Write about all the things you may have wanted. Include things you let go of because they seemed to difficult.
  4. Let yourself write about what you really, really, want.
  5. Allow your thoughts to flow freeely. Don’t edit anything. If you have always envisioned yourself as a performer, but haven’t sang outside of Karaoke night, don’t worry, just write it down! Whatever the inner critic voice inside your head might be saying, acknowledge and surrender to it. Then, keep writing. The voice will fade away and you will be left giving life to your dreams.
  6. Once the timer goes off and you’re finished, re-read what you wrote.
  7. Reflect:  How did it feel? Did anything surprising show up on the page? Did you feel hopeless that you’ll never get what you really want? Or did you feel excited rediscovering something you lost? It doesn’t really matter. Accept your emotions and remember that anything that comes up can be worked out.
Writing about what you really want will automatically attract circumstances that can arrange for those exact things to happen. That is why, to manifest the life you want to lead, you must tap into your inner voice and be crystal clear.
If it was difficult for you to write, don’t worry! Clarifying your vision comes from practice. By consistently checking in with your inner voice, you will gain more clarity, and your vision will shift and develop into what you truly desire. Your vision may even change dramatically over time, so it is a good idea to consistently recreate and revise your vision in your journal. If you do so, it will always reflect what you want to attract.  Look inward frequently to ensure that the work you are doing and the life you are living, every day, reflects your greatest vision for your most authentic self.

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