Soul Practice: Creating Rituals

When most people hear the word “ritual”, their mind starts to conjure up all sort of images. Cloaked witches offering animal sacrifices or ancient monks with Tibetan singing bowls. However, rituals are much more simplistic than we think. Rituals are the way that we connect with the world and energy around us. How we embrace the sacred power within us and that fuels all existence. No matter if you speak of God, the Universe, energy, or even higher self. Ritual is our lifeline to the divine.

Today, in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, many of us have lost contact with the concept of ritual.  This  has left us feeling disconnected, confused, and alone. We are isolated and stranded, dangling in a complex universe with no spiritual safety net to save us.

Maybe you were taught that a ritual had to be something special, done in a church, or a part of a certain religion. That couldn’t be further from the truth! A ritual can be many things. Lighting a unique candle at the start of each meal. Saying an evening prayer. Taking a moment to contemplate a personal altar. Even setting aside one night each week for a board game and a pizza has the potential to become an important family ritual.

By creatively and actively inventing ritual, you can bring your own sense of purpose and how you fit into the universe. Rituals are meant not only to celebrate significant moments, but to ease us through difficult times by preserving stability and to establish bonds that transcend time.

Taking time each day to perform an action you find calming or to bless home, family, or friends is a way to learn to appreciate each individual moment and to find happiness in the present, regardless of what the past has held or what the future promises to bring.

Here are some quick tips to create more rituals in your daily life:

  • Look for activities you do everyday that give you a sense of comfort and balance. Make these  activities a priority.
  • Choose a favorite space in your home such as a comfy chair or certain room to complete your ritual activities.
  • Create routines for different times of the day to keep your vibrational energy high.  For example, make a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to as you get ready in the morning. Head to bed happy after some relaxation yoga and a cup of your favorite tea.

Ready for some ideas for creating rituals? Here’s a list to help you get started!

  • saying affirmations
  • showing appreciation or gratitude
  • using  incense, aroma therapy oils or scented candles
  • placing artwork or a meaningful picture or drawing in your workspace
  • bathing or showering with special soaps, salts, or gels
  • blessing of food
  • burning lists of negative self-talk or fears as a symbol of letting go
  • book or notes representing your specific learning
  • breathing meditation
  • Using divination systems such as Oracle Cards
  • Wearing certain colors
  • Creating a dream or manifestation vision board
  • Carrying crystals, gems, stones
  • journaling your dreams
  • dressing – in unique clothes, or shawl or sash
  • eating with mindfulness, presence, awareness
  • expression of gratitude when paying for anything
  • focus on having a balanced etheric vital energy body
  • greetings: saying hello or waving good-bye as you affirm your positive intentions for others
  • grooming rituals like shaving, applying makeup, brushing teeth, combing hair
  • journal writing, your journal and all it represents
  • Creating personal mantras
  • meditation
  • Reading
  • Creatie a personal prayer, manifesto, or creed
  • reviewing your ‘to do’ list – set an intention that your activities will be quick, easy, efficient, effective and beautiful
  • Creating a sacred book of blessings, pictures, prayers, poems, inspiration … anything
  • Smudging sage to cleanse and purify
  • stretches and exercises
  • Wear a special talisman, charm, amulet
  • Celebrate the different seasons, moon cycles, solstice, equinox, holidays
  • Practice yoga or Tai Chi

Need some help developing a strong ritual practice to boot your vibrational energy and manifesting power?

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