Contribute to! is a super sassy, joy + self growth website that has inspired countless people to confidently step out into the world as their authentic self and courageously live the life they want, not the life they “should”.
My mission is to create a global community that inspires people to take the action needed to live a life a joy and ease, all by showing up each day, and in every way, simply being themselves.
I believe that you’re a jar of awesome sauce, just like me, so let’s combine flavors and make something truly delicious for the world!
I’m looking for a few different types of posts:
1) Real Life “Should Shedding”:  In this category, I am looking for a personal story of how you did something completely unexpected, totally opposite from the “norm”. The focus should be on how this “shedding of shoulds” changed your life for the better and how you became more joyful, happier, or how things in your life started changing once you let go of those expectations.
2) Speciality articles:  If you have a holistic “speciality” (i.e. reading akashic records, light work, energy healing, tarot reading, angel messages, clearing past-life contracts or etheral cords, crystal work, Reiki,  auras, aromatherapy, etc.), I am craving articles that relate your gift to the following areas:
  • Life + Style (travel, money, creativity, careers, beauty, fashion).
  • Love + Relationships (love, sex, romance, marriage, divorce, friends, family)
  • Health + Wellbeing (mental health, physical health, meditation, yoga, anxiety, depression)
  • Peace + Happiness (inner peace, spirituality, fun, play, passion, purpose).
  • Positivity + Mindset (thoughts, intuition, beliefs, habits, fear, confidence, courage, attitude).
This is a new blog, so I’m not going to promise you the moon. However, this site launched January 2015 and readership has tripled since then. Your post will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my monthly newsletter,  It’s a great place to get your feet wet and share your writing, share your wisdom, and find a new tribe of like-minded people!
  1. Posts must be original and not published anywhere else (including your blog).
  2. The more of your personality you bring to your writing, the better. I am a non-conventional writer who writes like I speak, and I’d like your work to be similar.
  3. Posts should be around 700-1200 words.
  4. Writing should end with an actionable step or question at the end of the post to engage your readers to encourage comments and community. Share with your networks once the post goes live and respond to all comments.
  5. Include a short bio (100 words max) with links to your website/social media.
  6. Include a catchy title + inspiring quote + relevant pic mentioning the source ( is one place to find free pix)
  7. If you’ve never written before that’s totally fine! We can ALL learn something from each other. Take the leap and submit your best!
  1. Put “Guest Post” in the Subject Line with the category to which you are submitting (e.g. Real Life Experience or Speciality Article (Name of angle in parentheses)
  2. Send your post in the body of the email with proper headings and sections (no attachments please – I will delete those).
  3. Attach a headshot with the email and name it with YOUR name.
  4. Email submissions to hello at nicolecharisse dot com
Note: Your post may be edited for grammar/formatting/flow/relevancy to reflect the theme, mood, and tone of the web site. I may also refuse posts that don’t fit the style of the site. This isn’t a reflection on your writing, it’s about the right fit for my readers. Thanks for understanding.
I want to give 100% of my attention to your submission, so it may take me some time to read & get back to you. Please be patient and refrain from emailing me about the status of your post. You will definitely get an email from me if and when I am publishing. (can take 3-4 weeks) Thanks!